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Load peaks - the accounts are up to date - Transport costs applicable - the annual accounts creation is simple - ample opportunity to document Search - Streamlined booking detection - Efficient Payment Transactions - Absolute Datensischerheit - Presiwert and Flexible 

With digital document book, shared bank data transfer, electronic data transmission, bank statement management and Excel-based posting lists we use cheap, fast and in high quality. Methods that pay for themselves especially at high booking demand. A booking advent of well over 100,000 transactions is therefore economically viable. The accounting ensures the consultant integrates a high tax standard, so that tax risks and possibilities of tax optimization are identified early. 

Digital Document Book for efficient cooperation between the consultants and companies

Digital Document Book provides a convenient solution which makes cooperation between consultants and their clients more efficiently: The Digital Document Book. 

Most consultants receive the documents of their clients in paper form. This means that the pendulum folder with the documents collected travels regularly by the company in the office and back. 

Since many entrepreneurs their documents only to pass on to sales tax appointment at their advisers, a daily accounting is often not possible. In addition, the documents do not remain in the firm after the update. They are thus in retrospect, especially when the annual accounts creation, not just of cost and in the case of ambiguity is not immediately tangible. 

With the digital document Book of Pendulum folder is superfluous and a daily accounting possible. Here all records of clients are accessible at all times, which is mainly in the annual financial statements of advantage.


In the digital document Book the accounting relevant documents are scanned in the company and subsequently digitally processed by the consultant. The documents are stored after scanning in the data center, to complement and archived posting proposals. 

From there, the consultant reads the documents and the posting proposals in its financial accounting system, checked, supplemented and corrected the postings. Booking and document are automatically linked. The consultant can claim documents continuously, the client has thus a very current accounting and avoids even load peaks.

We work for the rational implementation of the Digital Document book with two screens per job. On a screen, the digital document is on the other hand, the financial accounting program. In this way we optimize our workflows.

  • Central bank data transfer electronic data transmission between banks and clients of the adviser

With the central bank data transfer (Bank Online), we offer an efficient solution for the electronic transmission of data via the data center. Prerequisite for the use of online banking is the bank statement manager. 

The Agenda's data center has a framework agreement with most German banks. This lays the foundation for the comfortable access to account statement data and for executing payments. Once the accounts of a client are unlocked, we have full access to it as a consultant.

Faster retrieval of bank statements

Accessing the account statement data is almost completely automated. By pressing a button ask about the special application on the account statement data. 

Requesting via the Agenda data center for each client and is performed for all banks simultaneously. The data center transmits the encrypted bank statements to the specialized application. The account statement manager immediately create appropriate posting proposals. About so-called comparison texts also carried the automatic posting to the respective property or person holding account.


Simple execute payments

The solution for the central bank data transfer We transfer the payment orders of our clients directly from payment to the agenda data center. From there, the payments to the respective banks will be redirected. 



In PAYMENT we get the accompanying note for payment release. This we send to our clients comfortable future, the signs it and forwards it to his bank. So the payment is released and executed directly. The payment file must not be cumbersome passed on a disk. The entire communication runs here to the highest safety standard encrypted from.

  • Software for the bank statement management posting and Assigning to the account statement manager of Agenda

The account statement manager we read statements into the general ledger. The data is then recorded. Thus, the acquisition cost is reduced considerably and typos are passé.

We thereby reduce the accounting fees, especially for large amounts of data significantly. Annual book volumes of more than 100,000 transactions are processed so cheap and high quality.

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